SCS Engineers Announces New Vice President, Gabrielle Stephens

November 30, 2023


Long Beach, CA – SCS Engineers announces the promotion of Gabrielle Stephens to Vice President. She brings over two decades of success in environmental consulting to the role.

Gabrielle Stephens

Ms. Stephens is a project director specializing in regulatory air permitting and compliance, including landfill gas regulations, for the solid waste industry. She also supports air permitting and compliance for combustion equipment and other industrial air sources. Her experience spans the state of California and includes working with numerous air districts and local enforcement agencies. Her impact crosses state lines as she collaborates with Oregon, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada air districts.

Beyond her work in air permitting and compliance, Ms. Stephens works on emissions estimates and inventories and has extensive experience preparing permit-to-construct/operate and Title V permit applications. She has also undertaken projects evaluating and reporting to meet the federal Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Rule and the AB 32 Landfill Methane Rule.

One of Gabrielle Stephens’s notable projects was her involvement in air permitting services for landfill gas collection and control devices and associated equipment in California, including renewable natural gas (RNG). Her collaborative efforts with over a dozen landfills contribute to those facilities obtaining new landfill gas-to-energy, and RNG permits that positively impact air quality.

“Gabrielle’s contributions consistently set a high standard of excellence and innovation within our organization,” says SCS Senior Vice President Pat Sullivan. “Her promotion to Vice President reflects her ongoing commitment to SCS Engineers and exemplary work for our clients.”


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