Waste Management

SCS Engineers’ primary practice, representing the majority of our experience and diversification, is waste management. This includes environmental and resource economics, monitoring and assessment, and policy and management. SCS Engineers is waste management engineeringproud to be one of the nation’s top environmental consulting and construction firms, delivering sustainable solutions that balance today’s financial, environmental, and bureaucratic challenges.

As SCS develops and implements solutions, we maintain a high level of responsiveness to our clients’ environmental and business concerns, including economic and regulatory challenges. We continuously expand our professional staff to provide full-service capabilities that address the increasing complexities facing our industry. SCS serves private and municipal clients nationwide and around the world. We design-build, then offer operations, monitoring, and maintenance (OM&M) services to fully support our clients.

No matter the issue: generation, minimization, removal, transport, treatment, recycling, reuse, storage, collection, transfer, disposal, or the economics… we’ve solved it. SCS helps our clients in a broad range of industries to safely solve the challenge of disposing materials and the by-products of human activity in the safest, most environmentally-sustainable manner possible. SCS Management Services™ helps you quantify the cost of sanitation functions to develop a comprehensive cost of service allocation to each function. This allows municipal entities to quantify collection and disposal functions using the actual cost to serve those customers. It also allows the quantification of additional, or formerly free services provided for the residents of the community. 

Each year, SCS provides environmental due diligence in support of a number of merger and acquisition transactions, often with values ranging from a few million dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars, or more. SCS professionals integrate their expertise and are particularly valuable when supporting private equity recapitalization used to fund solid waste infrastructure expansion. SCS provides industry, operational, and organizational solid waste expertise that can help quickly identify and remedy obstacles to transition or expansion.

We provide a full range of solutions in the waste management arena. Click on the links below to explore some of what SCS Engineers can do for you: