biogas energy systems

Biogas, Anaerobic Digestion, Renewable Natural Gas and Energy Systems

National Experts: Nathan Hamm / Erik Anderson (AD) and Robert Viers (RNG)


SCS Engineers has one of the longest and most successful Biogas practices in the United States primarily in landfill gas to energy (LFGE) and digester gas-to-energy (DGE). Our clients attribute our quality to SCS Energy®, our practice specializing in waste gas utilization; combined with our expertise in solid waste management and compliance. Our experienced engineering and field personnel perform all work, and we have an exemplary safety record. SCS designs, constructs, and operates more LFGE and DGE facilities than any other engineering firm in the nation. Our biogas and biomass experts offer turn-key services for Renewable Natural Gas plants using byproducts from diary, swine, or poultry farms. We offer Anaerobic Digestion plants that turn organic byproducts — such as meat and food scraps, used cooking oil, or spoiled produce — into carbon-negative renewable energy.

Our teams employ decades of energy systems expertise as we analyze and evaluate the effects of variations in processes and the parameters important to success. SCS models, maps, and evaluates complex systems and processes to evaluate plant performance. We account for project objectives and requirements while taking your technical, business, energy, and environmental objectives into account.

SCS works with landfill and digester owners, operators and developers – utilities and governments – renewable energy end-users – and the agricultural and waste industries. All are interested in achieving renewable energy goals, reducing greenhouse gases, and creating useful by-products from waste with SCS plants. SCS builds systems that power universities, and wastewater treatment plants, generate renewable natural gas sales, support electric utilities, and dairies, all moving to renewable energy.

SCS Engineers brings value to the design-build with our energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) expertise in monitoring and restricting the release of methane into the atmosphere. Our understanding of regional market-based emission control programs, carbon offsets, emission performance standards, and pipeline construction all serve to enhance our feasibility studies, design, build, testing, and operations-maintenance.

SCS provides expertise in all aspects of project development, including:

Design & Design-Build
SCS has completed or has underway, over 50 design or design/construct Biogas plants and LFGE plant upgrades. The end-uses at these plants include the production of renewable natural gas (RNG) for injection into natural gas pipelines, production of compressed natural gas (CNG) for use as a vehicle fuel, direct use of LFG in lieu of natural gas, and electric power generation (employing reciprocating engines, combustion turbines, microturbines, and fuel cells) and heat recovery.

Operations, Monitoring, and Maintenance
SCS currently operates or has operated over 30 Biogas plants. SCS has the in-house capability to undertake all maintenance required by reciprocating engines, including major overhauls. SCS has learned much from our operational experience and has incorporated this experience into our designs. Because of our complete understanding of the facility from the design, construct and operate bases, many of our clients find it cost-effective and efficient to use our full suite of these services.

Facility Re-engineering
SCS rehabilitates and re-starts old and/or closed biogas facilities. We can convert reciprocating engine plants to co-fire natural and landfill gases, as well as replace them with new RNG facilities.

Project/Environmental Permits & Utility Interconnect Design
SCS obtains the interconnection approvals for our gas and power projects from utilities in any state or commonwealth, and we secure air permits on the majority of our projects.

Feasibility Studies
SCS completes feasibility studies for potential biogas projects. The recommendations of these studies can include:

  • Selection of facility size and technology
  • Development of construction & operation/maintenance cost estimates
  • Investigation of utility interconnection and right-of-way issues
  • Investigation of permitting issues
  • Project financial proformas

Due Diligence for Acquisitions & Financing
SCS Engineers conducts due diligence investigations on existing or proposed facilities for investors and banks. The investigations can support development, refinancing, or acquisition. The total investment covered by these investigations exceeds $500 million. SCS also offers facility valuations and assistance with negotiating power/energy sales agreements.

Controls Design: SCADA
SCS provides turnkey supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for power plants and other types of energy facilities. Our SCADA systems provide Internet-based facility monitoring and remote control. We have installed SCADA systems in biogas plants and landfill gas flare stations utilizing the latest in SCADA development software.


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