Manufacturers are doing their part to improve the environment, and SCS can help take your business further down the road with sustainable production solutions that address the ever-changing regulatory environment while helping you formulate a business model that is feasible to compete in the global marketplace.

Today, manufacturers pay more attention to packaging, facility operational costs, compliance issues, plus the health and safety of their employees and their environmental footprint.SCS Engineers works with many manufacturers including the chemical, textile, metal, and food/beverage processing/manufacturing sectors to safely manage and dispose of by-products. We integrate with your team to address manufacturing processes that meet state and federal compliance standards with an environmental compliance audit.

“SCS Engineers has been a strong leader and valuable engineering resource for our team. From the start of the project, SCS has worked hard to assure its success, meeting program deadlines and budgets without sacrificing the quality of services provided to more than 130 manufacturing sites.” Randy Bertram, Director of Sustainability Services, Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP)

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