Whether reducing methane emissions at landfills, repurposing contaminated properties, producing alternative energy, or sequestering carbon, we have focused on finding smart climate solutions and improving the natural environment since our inception in 1970.

SCS Engineers supports many businesses and municipalities taking steps to address climate change, which many consider the most important challenge facing our planet. Our firm has always been a leader in recovering and utilizing methane from landfills, a potent greenhouse gas. In the last two decades, we’ve expanded our role to include more utilization of biogas from agriculture, carbon sequestration, management of other greenhouse gas and their environmental impacts while continuing to reduce methane production in landfills by diverting organics.

Every business is resource-intensive with most environmental issues occurring during the operational phase of business or production. The sustainable environmental solutions we offer to the agricultural, construction, extraction, manufacturing sectors, and municipalities help them attain their cleaner operating goals and often improve operating efficiency.

As an environmental consulting and construction firm, we produce measurable technologies and programs that capture and reduce more greenhouse gases for private and public clients than any other environmental firm in the Americas.

SCS works nationwide to plan, prevent, remediate, monitor and maintain environmental solutions in the sectors listed here. More information is available by clicking a business sector to view the environmental consulting, construction, operations and maintenance, and monitoring services available.



Agriculture Everyone agrees that prevention is better than correction. Adequate planning and management often contribute significantly to preventing or minimizing environmental releases and related events. From our earliest days as … Continue reading Agriculture


Construction SCS provides environmental Design/Build/OM&M services nationwide. The construction component is supported by our Field Services Construction division. As a large environmental consulting and engineering firm, SCS provides our clients … Continue reading Construction


Government SCS Engineers has a very long track record of solving environmental and energy management, solid waste, hazardous waste, water, and air compliance challenges. Approaches we pioneered include risk-based cleanups, … Continue reading Government


Healthcare SCS Engineers understands that medical facilities need to protect the health of the diverse communities they serve. But hospitals and medical facilities must also manage a wide variety of … Continue reading Healthcare


Manufacturing Manufacturers are doing their part to improve the environment, and SCS can help take your business further down the road with sustainable production solutions that address the ever-changing regulatory … Continue reading Manufacturing

Mining and Extraction

Mining and Extraction Mining involves environmental challenges such as impacts on local ecosystems and potential water pollution. Modern mining operations are doing their part to minimize impacts, and environmental specialists … Continue reading Mining and Extraction

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas The exploration and production of gas, oil, and coal-bed methane produce by-products, including millions of barrels of produced water, flowback water, and hydrocarbon impacted soils and muds. … Continue reading Oil and Gas

Real Estate, Finance, Insurance

Real Estate, Finance, Insurance Commercial real estate transactions today must include consideration of environmental issues, including environmental due diligence and brownfield remediation. Complex laws can impose significant environmental liabilities on … Continue reading Real Estate, Finance, Insurance


Retail This is a new age of corporate citizenship for retailers. Consumers and the social expectations surrounding climate change are challenges that have a significant impact on a retail brand … Continue reading Retail


Transportation Environmental concerns continue to grow in the transportation sector due to increasing mobility demands for passengers and freight, especially in urban areas. The good news is that the transportation … Continue reading Transportation


Utilities SCS Engineers supports water, wastewater, coal, and electric utilities facing regulatory changes that impact operations. Our utility site activities range from negotiations with state and Federal regulators through investigations, … Continue reading Utilities

Waste Management

Waste Management SCS Engineers’ primary practice, representing the majority of our experience and diversification, is waste management. This includes environmental and resource economics, monitoring and assessment, and policy and management. … Continue reading Waste Management