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Industries carry the responsibility for keeping their businesses sound while remaining in compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Whether running a solid waste facility, landfill, tank facility, or drilling operation, every business owner knows that the expense of tracking the health and performance of their operation is escalating. The level of risk and infrastructure investment compounds for owners or operators of large or extremely complex facilities.

SCSeTools® is a web-based application platform that collects, monitors, views, charts, graphs, and manages data from a variety of sites in a range of industries to help facilities operate more efficiently, continually gauging operational health, and to spot trends that help determine when and how to invest in infrastructure. SCSeTools has individual toolsets designed by our field staff, compliance experts, and technologists based on our decades of field experience and compliance management.

With this modular and customizable platform, SCS clients can track and analyze air quality, greenhouse gas, methane, landfill gas, landfill temperature, leachate, groundwater, stormwater, and a multitude of operational information used for regulatory compliance and due diligence. The benefits of SCSeTools are immediately apparent to our clients. At landfills, for example:

  • The features will function with a minimum of input – years of data are not required to obtain functional results.
  • One of the most useful features, Mapping, can begin with one round of readings using field instruments with navigation capabilities.
  • Even small sites benefit from maps and documents.

The SCS platform is user-friendly and provides easy-to-understand interfaces backed by custom development, training, and consulting services to meet specific business and environmental requirements. Our clients are pleasantly surprised to discover the ease of use and the ability to fine-tune the toolsets without exorbitant fees.

Our services include online facilities management, such as controlling and monitoring equipment, sensors, security cameras, GPS devices, and meters; charting and mapping; obtaining and reviewing critical data; and providing customized alerts and reports. Our business and consulting services include superior training and support for SCS clients.

The backbone of every service at SCS Engineers is to design and develop based on our clients’ specific needs. SCS is one of the most experienced and successful environmental compliance, operations, and maintenance firms in the United States. There is no substitute for our knowledge and hands-on experience. SCS Technology Services® works closely with our engineers and field staff to develop the most effective technologies for the waste management industry.

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SCS DataServices®

SCS DataServices® SCS DataServices® is the module of SCSeTools® that facilitates the capture and utilization of landfill gas (LFG), and other solid waste and industrial facility monitoring and management data. This information is used for environmental compliance reporting, document management, due diligence, and operational analyses. SCS DataServices, already implemented ...

SCS Groundwater™

SCS Groundwater™ SCS Groundwater™ collects and efficiently organizes groundwater monitoring and maintenance data providing those responsible for environmental compliance with a reliable, consistent and cost-effective way to manage, view, and assess large volumes of information. Traditionally, groundwater monitoring and compliance services are long-term and expensive tasks that generate an ...

SCS Leachate™

SCS Leachate™ SCS Leachate™ facilitates tracking leachate generation and disposal data against budgeted estimates. The application handles the input, analysis, review, and export of leachate information; specifically including liquid levels, volumes, analytical data for a given data collection point. Collection points can be sumps, storage tanks, and discharge points ...

SCS MobileTools®

SCS MobileTools® SCS Engineers’ newest environmental technology application is for use at solid waste facilities and landfills. These sites require specific monitoring and analyses of groundwater and liquids, landfill gas – LFG, and surface emissions critical to facility infrastructure and the environment. SCS MobileTools® is the iOS and Android ...