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Petco Park as it appears now following a major Brownfields redevelopment initiative.

This is a new age of corporate citizenship for retailers. Consumers and the social expectations surrounding climate change are challenges that have a significant impact on a retail brand and the bottom line. Retail suppliers are dealing with the lifecycle impacts of various consumer products and packaging; consumers expect environmentally friendly, or simply less, packaging; meanwhile, local governments are investing in recycling.

SCS Engineers was founded decades ago. Our first project was a U.S. Department of Agriculture contract to perform an in-depth study of the diverse problems regarding solid waste management and resource recovery practices in retail food stores.

Now, all these years later, SCS provides a full-range of Solid Waste Management services and programs. We help our clients determine sustainable waste management strategies and seek feasible options for national retailers that deal with multiple local and state mandates, or developers of multi-use sites. SCS has offices nationwide; we serve every state and our international clients.

In addition to straight-forward PSM / RMP projects for retail and cold storage facilities, SCS assists clients with general refrigeration best management practices such as Mechanical Integrity Inspections and with Department of Homeland Security CSAT submittals.

SCS helps safely remediate properties, some as large as 26 blocks for retail developments such as theatres, restaurants, sports arenas, and department stores. We can assess your energy consumption and help develop strategies to reduce energy use. We can also design-build an energy system that helps power your store, or a fleet of vehicles, with biogas.

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