Customer Service

To Our Clients and Visitors,

SCS earns the 2022 Gold Standard – nominated by Client Savvy & Zweig Group.

It is a pleasure and privilege to help you with your environmental needs. At SCS Engineers, we recognize that a substantial part of the value we deliver is how well we serve our clients. To that end, we have in place several long-standing programs to make it easy for you to reach us, find help, and provide feedback.

Reach Out Toll-Free +1 (800) 767-4727
Our receptionists answer calls between 8:30 am ET through 5:00 pm PT. We promptly answer voicemails and messages sent to our general email  () 24/7.

Client Feedback Tool
SCS solicits feedback from clients during ongoing projects via short (2-3 minute) surveys using our electronic Client Feedback Tool (CFT).  These surveys are designed to ensure that we are on track to delivering project solutions to your satisfaction. Surveys are less than ten questions, and space is available for additional comments. Your Project Manager will work to establish a convenient schedule for you if you’d like to participate. This is not a marketing survey. It is a way to check in with you regularly to ensure your project is on track, in addition to regular communications with your Project Manager. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Quality Management
SCS maintains a stringent, comprehensive Quality Management program. Quality Management ensures that SCS staff professionals, scientists, technologists, field technicians, including administrators and subcontractors, have the necessary training, tools, and skills to employ sound, ethical processes on every environmental solution.

Our robust program includes Apps built by SCS for our staff to improve our services and communications continuously.  SCS staff have access to thousands of resources at the touch of a button, including libraries, compliance documents, safety information, training, and our National Experts and specialists nationwide to maintain the highest level of quality in our products and services. We make many of our resources available on our website too.

The Website
SCS’s website is a rich resource for our clients and visitors. The site has two primary filters: one to find local staff with specific environmental experience. The second is a search filter that results after a search to help you target our resources, available on demand. Resources can be service descriptions, articles, whitepapers, blogs, events, and videos. Each page enables you to print or share the resource privately with others or on social media.


Thank you,

The SCS Employee-Owners