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January 21, 2020

SCS Engineers Composting Pilot Program

SCS can help you evaluate your organic waste streams and whether composting is a viable solution for your waste management program. The SCS pilot program includes everything you need to test before you invest. Share this information using the icons at left, or download using the download icon just ...

January 9, 2020

Upcoming mandatory testing requirements for chromium plating facilities

Transactions of the IMF, 98(1), 6-7 The Californian chrome or chromium plating facilities are being required to test for PFAS even if there is no evidence of historical contamination at the property from any chemicals. Current testing is requiring the analysis of 25 different kinds of PFAS, including PFOS ...

January 1, 2020

2020 Virginia Landfill Seminar – SCS Engineers

Our half-day seminar provides landfill owners and operators updates on the latest regulatory, policy, and technological developments in solid waste management, landfill, and landfill gas. Registration information is included. Share this information using the icons at left, or download using the Download icon just beneath the flyer window.    

December 11, 2019

Walk-Through of CARB GHG Programs – Applicability, Reporting, and Compliance

Presented at A&WMA’s Bracing for Climate Change: Strategies for  Mitigation and Resiliency Planning on December 11-12, 2019. Authors Cassandra B. Drotman, Raymond H. Huff, Haley DeLong of SCS Engineers discuss AB32 and other legislation and executive orders to extend and expand California’s greenhouse gas programs. Share this abstract using ...

September 10, 2019

Regulation of Aboveground Storage Tanks Less Than 5,000 Gallons – Wisconsin


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