Young Professionals

Our Young Professionals are the foundation of our future and our leadership.

SCS promotes leadership and ownership at every career stage, providing you with consistent opportunities to grow and learn. We offer an engaging and supportive environment, whether you’re interacting with senior leadership, out in the field with clients, or attending events.

As an employee-owned company, we know ownership makes a difference to our clients, communities, and planet. When you and I succeed, we all thrive. Hence, the YPPC strives to build technically savvy leaders and teams using in-house software, experts, and solutions. We all play a role in an ever-growing environmental firm focusing on stewardship. When life throws you a curveball or a wonderful opportunity, you have colleagues more likely to truly “get” how you feel – their support and validation resonate on a deep level.

Leading our YPs is the Young Professionals Planning Committee (YPPC), which organizes and hosts educational and social events, mentorship opportunities, skills and leadership development, and much more.

The YPPC commits to building a strong community within SCS.



YPs have a wide variety of career paths and options.


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SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting Young Professionals
Nationwide, SCS YPs are having fun together! Meeting in small and large groups inside and outside the firm. Finding your common interests and sharing is rewarding.


Team building and socializing – what could be more fun?


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