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Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

National Expert: Neil Nowak

Upstream, Midstream, Downstream

oil and gas servicesThe oil and gas industry is growing steadily in the United States and Canada, and environmental and regulatory challenges are growing steadily with it. Due to public concerns about the industry’s potential effects on global climate change and sources of fresh groundwater, regulators are responding with significant new environmental laws. For instance, Federal regulators are considering implementing more stringent methane leak detection and repair requirements, and states such as California have adopted new underground injection control measures (Senate Bill 4).

oil and gas explorationOur core capabilities are in solid and hazardous waste management, landfills, energy, remediation, and environmental compliance. With over 35 years of experience in the permitting and monitoring of oil and gas facilities, SCS Engineers provides a wide array of services to help the industry address these emerging issues. As new environmental regulations continue adoption, facilities, resource extraction, operations, and land development will face a growing challenge of maintaining comprehensive compliance with limited in-house resources. To solve this problem, SCS provides a wide range of cost-effective services:

Air Quality (VOCs/NESHAPs)

  • Air Quality Permitting – Title V, New Source Review
  • Dispersion Modeling Studies – Air Quality Impact Assessments – AQIA
  • Monitoring & Leak Detection
  • Permit Compliance – Compliance Verification Reports, Audits, Breakdown Reports, Variances
  • VOC/HAP RMP Risk Analyses

Permit Compliance Support for Siting and Construction of Landfills, Water Recycling Facilities, Ponds, Pipelines

  • AB1420, AB1960, and Pipeline Management Plans for Petroleum Operation Compliance
  • Construction Quality Assurance – CQA
  • Land Use Permitting including:
    • Coastal Development Permits
    • Conditional Use Permits
    • Ministerial Land Use Permits
    • Stream Bed Alteration Permits

Water Quality Permitting – National Pollution Discharge Elimination System or NPDES, Waste Discharge Requirement – WDR Programs, CWA, SDWA

    • Discharge Permit Renewals or Modification
    • Impervious Surface Liners
    • Oil/Water Separator Design
    • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans – SWPPP, Spill PPP, PPC, & BMP Plans

Spill and Accidental Release Plans, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure, or SPCC Plans, Oil Spill Contingency Plans, Certifications

    • EPA and USCG OPA ‘90 FRPs
    • Oil or HazMat DOT/PHMSA Plans
    • OPA FRP Tabletop Spill Drill Exercise
    • State ODCP and DCR Plans

Hazardous Waste – RCRA

    • ASTM E-50.03 Waste Minimization
    • AST Diked Area Soil Disposal
    • Line/Tank Wash, Separator Sludge, & Bottom Disposal
    • Service/Product Studies
    • Waste Management Evaluations and Minimization Plans
    • Waste Pile Management Facility Permitting

Superfund – CERCLA

    • All Appropriate Inquiries
    • Beneficial Reuse of Hydrocarbon Impacted Soils
    • Biological Restoration Services
    • Facility Removal or Remediation
    • Phase I & II Site Assessments (ASTM E-1527 & E-1903)
    • Purchase Transaction Due Diligence
    • Site Soil and Water Remediation
    • Tank Inspection and Leak Detection

Emergency Planning and Reporting

    • Emergency Action – EAP, or Response Plans – ERP
    • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act – EPCRA
    • Emergency Response Release reporting guidance, NRDA, ERA
    • Process Safety Management – PSM and Risk Management Plans – RMP
    • Risk Analyses – HAZOP
    • SARA Title III 311/312, & 313 Reports; 302/304 Spill Reports
    • Site Safety & Health HazCom Plans

Industrial Health & Safety

    • Confined Space Entry Plans
    • Environmental Compliance and Safety Manager Training
    • Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act FIFRA
    • Health Risk Assessments – HRA
    • Material Safety Data Sheets – MSDS, Safety Data Sheets – SDS
    • Toxic Substances Control Act – TSCA
    • Vulnerability Assessments, Tailored Safety Audits

Environmental Management System Planning ISO 14000 or ISO 14005

Expert Witness Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping

Land Use and Permitting

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Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

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Petroleum Site Investigation and Remediation

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Production and Frac Water Management

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Underground Injection Control

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