About SCS Engineers

Welcome to SCS Engineers®, an environmental consulting and contracting firm serving public and private clients across the nation and around the world. Environmental engineers, consultants, and scientists here work on solutions for pollution, energy consumption and emissions reductions, land remediation, water/wastewater treatment, and waste management. We strive to help our clients maintain the quality of our soil, water, and air, and to use resources more efficiently and less destructively as they deliver their products and services.

Our core capabilities are in solid and hazardous waste management, renewable energy, remediation, carbon capture, measurement and verification, backed by environmental compliance experts.  We work to prevent, mitigate and remediate environmental events, and use our environmental regulatory systems knowledge to help shorten project timelines and stay on budget.

What differentiates SCS?

We focus solely on environmental solutions, in the industry it’s called pure environmental along with industry rankings consistently in the top tiers. SCS clients entrust us with the management of more than 35 million metric tons of anthropogenic CO2e greenhouse gases every year. We collect and beneficially use or destroy enough to offset greenhouse gas emissions from 7.4 million passenger cars annually. That’s more than any other environmental firm in North America.

Our services are performed by diverse teams, created to address each clients’ specific needs. Our professional staff is located according to their knowledge of regional and local geography, regulatory policies and industrial or scientific specialty. SCS professionals are available as technical experts and have been admitted as expert witnesses and supported legal counsel in a variety of environmental and regulatory litigation matters.

Our environmental engineering and consulting work are enhanced by the specialized in-house groups listed below that support a wide range of full-service environmental solutions. Full service provides added value and quality for our clients and every project is working to enhance environmental protection benefiting all citizens.

SCS Engineers is producing technologies and programs that lower industrial operating costs and reduce greenhouse gases for private and public clients establishing goals to reduce their environmental impact. The technologies and programs are finding footholds in the agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing sectors as municipalities and companies want to reach climate change goals without passing all of the expense to consumers.

As employee-owners we have a powerful culture established by our founders, which is nourished and valued by our employees and our clients because actions speak louder than words. It is a pleasure and privilege to help you with your environmental needs. At SCS , we recognize that a substantial part of the value we deliver is how well we serve our clients. To that end, we have in place several long-standing programs to make it easy for you to reach us, find help, and provide feedback for excellent communications.

Our clients depend on the combination of SCS professional expertise, SCS leadership, and our roster of National Experts who consistently bring value to each solution.


In 2020 SCS celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Although we could not celebrate in person, our employee-owners shared with organizations that needed help, and we continue to do so. We created an employee documentary to celebrate our diverse services and an abbreviated version of the documentary below.



Specialized Expertise Within SCS – Driven by Our Clients’ Successes

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SCS was formed in 1970 in Southern California by Bob Stearns (C), Tom Conrad (L), and Curt Schmidt (R), three civil engineers with broad backgrounds in the then-new field of environmental engineering.

Within our website, you will find the environmental services we offer and the business sectors where we offer our services. Each web page offers information to help you qualify SCS Engineers and SCS professionals by scientific and engineering disciplines. We provide direct access to our professional staff with whom you may confidentially discuss a particular environmental challenge or goal.


SCS Field Services® Construction provides construction services for a variety of environmental systems, including compost facilities, biogas systems, electrical generation facilities, landfill closure, remediation, and facility construction. SCS Field Services Construction, with licenses in all 50 states, constructs systems designed by other firms as well as turnkey, design-build, and design-build-operate services in conjunction with other SCS divisions.

SCS Field Services® OM&M provides operation, monitoring, and maintenance (OM&M) services for a broad range of solid waste and environmental control facilities. These facilities include composting systems, biogas systems and pipelines, leachate treatment and groundwater remediation. SCS Field Services OM&M manages operations at hundreds of solid waste facilities throughout the country.

SCS Engineers has one of the longest and most successful biogas practices in the United States primarily in landfill gas to energy (LFGE) and digester gas-to-energy (DGE). Our clients attribute our quality to SCS Energy®, our practice specializing in waste gas utilization; combined with our expertise in solid waste management and compliance. Our experienced engineering and field personnel perform all work, and we have an exemplary safety record. SCS designs, constructs, and operates more LFGE and DGE facilities than any other engineering firm in the nation.

tracer_logoSCS Tracer Environmental® provides a comprehensive range of scientific engineers, technologies and laboratory facilities including; mechanical, chemical, meteorology, atmospheric sciences, and tracer sciences. Advanced air monitoring and tracer sciences services provide SCS Engineers clients’ with specialized compliance services to highly regulated industries. Tracer’s history providing OSHA Process Safety Management, EPA Risk Management, and CalARP Programs has made our professionals’ industry leaders.

SCS Technology Services® works closely with our business sectors developing software, applications and support services that harness technology to capture, track and evaluate environmental data. Our platform SCSeTools® and applications help our clients collect data and use the data to make compliance reporting more accurate and timely, enhance their productivity and increase field safety while maximizing gas capture. SCS RMC® provides a next-generation option to monitor and control systems, and see the data collected and the systems in action.  Our tools are versatile; SCS programmers, engineers, and scientists are available to develop custom applications meeting a spectrum of industrial environmental objectives.

SCS Management Services® offers financial sustainability with preventative solutions and long-term financial management plans to public agencies facing environmental and market challenges, shifting regulations, and those aiming for new clean energy goals. Utilities and public-sector organizations provide life-sustaining services to their citizens and communities; providing these services while managing budget constraints; reporting, compliance, and operational challenges; and maintaining affordable rates. We support agencies and companies responsible for managing solid waste, stormwater, wastewater, brownfields-remediation, and energy programs that require integrated skill-sets and financial sustainability for optimal value.