SCS Engineers supports water, wastewater, coal, and electric utilities facing regulatory changes that impact operations. Our utility site activities range from negotiations with state and Federal regulators through investigations, pilot studies, and design-build to meet state and Federal regulatory policy.

scs engineers utilities servicesVulnerability assessments for single or multiple community water utilities can include surveys of water facilities ranging from dams, reservoirs, and ground water supply wells to distribution pump stations and piping. SCS can develop templates for vulnerability assessment proposals, inspections, and reports that improved cost-effectiveness by standardizing these tasks.

Our Environmental Management Services includes Process Safety Management and Risk Management Programs. SCS also develops statistically-based monitoring programs that standardize procedures and documents to maximize efficiency and reduce overall program costs. We provide evaluation and implementation of a variety of cost-saving techniques, including the use of field tests, onsite laboratories, geoprobing and hydropunching, geophysical methods, and chemical fingerprinting.

We perform remedial investigation/feasibility studies (RI/FS), engineering evaluation/cost analyses (EL/CA), and removal actions for proposed Superfund sites, and we provide expert consultation, including peer review of reports prepared by others. SCS Engineers can provide client support in negotiations with the EPA on administrative orders on consent, work planning documents, and proposed plans for the removal actions.

Our Field Service division implements technologies ranging from source and soil stabilization, excavation, and ground water extraction and treatment to soil vapor extraction, thermal desorption, and natural attenuation.

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