Oil and Gas

The exploration and production of gas, oil, and coal-bed methane (CBM) produce by-products. These wastes include millions of barrels of produced water, flowback water, and hydrocarbon impacted soils and muds. SCS Engineers are waste specialists, and we work with our Oil and Gas industry clients to help optimize their waste management systems and the safe storage and transfer of liquids. Our midstream consultants provide services to chemical and petroleum tank terminal operators responsible for regulatory compliance services associated with the storage and transfer of a large variety of liquids at tank farms and pipeline facilities.

The combined intelligence of SCS Engineers’ consultants, geologists, and hydrogeologists, together with our SCS Tracer Division of scientists and industry experts, qualifies us to permit, design-build, and monitor environmental solutions for upstream and midstream activities. We are focused on an integral part of oil and gas production, transfer and storage, industrial regulatory compliance, and public safety.

Our professionals are responsible for exacting environmental site assessments, land use planning strategies, and risk management for oil extraction activities, including enhanced oil recovery techniques such as cyclic steam injection. Our clients leverage SCS’s knowledge and experience with leading technologies for reuse or disposal of production and frac flowback water. SCS is particularly strong in the utilization of technologies to address the specific Federal and state compliance, regional climate, and sociopolitical circumstances.

SCS professionals have experience at over 1000 bulk liquid terminals handling more than 600 hazmat liquids. Our team understands the complex regulatory issues that face tank farm facilities across the nation. As with all waste management solutions, SCS helps reconcile business, environmental safety, and regulatory objectives for operational excellence.

SCS professionals work in both the public and private sectors. Supported by science and facts, we are practiced at communicating in a timely and effective manner with the public and with regulatory agencies. As environmental consultants, we have resolved complex environmental impact issues and helped clients safely plan for land use that complies with Federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations. For example, under the guidance of 
our National Expert, Nathan Eady, over 30,000 acres of California’s most productive oilfields have safely been returned to production, and hundreds of new wells and facilities have been developed.

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