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May 23, 2018

SCS Advice From the Field: How to Plan for Success and Become a Sustainable School

Educating everyone in the school community should be a priority for a successful program. This should include discussing the new program and providing zero waste facts during morning announcements, scheduling an assembly to walk students through what will be expected of them, meeting with lunch monitors to educate ...

May 22, 2018

SCS Advice from the Field – Wastewater Leachate Treatment Technologies

Biological processes have been adapted successfully from the municipal wastewater industry by the wastewater equipment manufacturers who service the solid waste industry to treat landfill leachate.  They form the basis of a viable treatment platform that can be expanded depending on the effluent requirements and other design goals.  By ...

May 21, 2018

SCS Advice From the Field: GCCS Construction Quality Assurance

Before commencement of drilling operations, CQA personnel visit the locations of all proposed vertical LFG extraction wells to safeguard that pre-construction survey stakes at the well locations are undisturbed. Should any stakes be found missing, CQA personnel will communicate the information to the design engineer to arrange a new ...

May 17, 2018

USWAG CCR Workshop – Washington DC Metro Area, May 22 – 23, 2018

Leachate management and contact water management at CCR landfills can be expensive, cause operational headaches, and divert valuable resources from other critical plant needs. The SCS Engineers’ presentation will provide you with useful tools to ensure your landfill is designed and operated to cost-effectively reduce leachate and contact water ...

May 10, 2018

SCS Advice from the Field: Minimizing CCR Landfill Water Management Costs

  Learn how to minimize leachate and contact water management costs at coal combustion residual (CCR) landfills using good design, physical controls, and operational practices. Through the SCS use of case studies, you will learn how to assess leachate and contact water management issues and implement cost saving techniques ...

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