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September 17, 2018

Free Stormwater Training and Education – StormWater Week Starting September 24

Thursday, September 27,  at 10:00 am via YouTube.  REGISTER HERE A New ERA in Industrial Stormwater Regulation: Considerations, Strategies and Lessons Learned for NPDES Regulated Industrial Dischargers Within the Exceedance Response Action Models of Stormwater Regulation presented by Jonathan J. Meronek, QISP, IGP-ToR, CPESC, CISEC, QSP/D delves into new  federal and ...

September 12, 2018

Understanding Mechanisms & Operations for Elevated Temperature Landfills – EREF Workshop

EREF’s workshop aims to facilitate an understanding of the mechanisms and operations for ETLFs. This full day of interactive discussions and technical presentations from waste industry experts, including academics, state agencies, and facility owners, will cover topics such as ETLF definitions, regulations, management strategies and more. CLICK TO REGISTER for ...

September 11, 2018

Integrated Environmental Planning and Permitting Enables Project Success

It is clear, sometimes painfully so, to anyone experienced with siting new utility infrastructure that environmental planning and permitting is often a complex undertaking. This article provides guidance to help smooth the process and keep your project on time and on budget. Project permitting, especially for linear infrastructure, generally requires ...

September 10, 2018

Save Money by Eliminating Air Leaks in Compressed Air Systems

Did you know that for every 2 psig. reduction in system pressure, the energy consumed by the system reduces by 1 percent? Increasing system pressure increases leakage rates and compounds friction losses associated with poor piping design or poorly maintained, clogged filters.

September 5, 2018

Redeveloping Environmentally Impacted Properties

Addressing groundwater impacts alone requires an intimate knowledge of cleanup technologies, applicable rules, familiarity with regulators and application reviewers, ability to design methodologies to handle significant amounts of contaminated water coming out of the ground in the case of pumping ground for treatment, and experience with developing cost-effective designs ...

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