SCS Engineers Facility Energy Management

Facility Energy Management

National Expert: Tony Kriel

SCS Engineers helps clients address the challenges of integrating renewable energy solutions with conventional energy facilities. SCS’s long-established expertise in environmental compliance and renewable energy services means we have the skills and experience to develop strategies combining our clients’ organizational and production goals with our ability to integrate the sustainable technology factors relevant to their business goals.

SCS has mechanical, electrical, industrial, and environmental energy professionals nationwide who understand how to achieve more efficient production and use of electricity, natural gas, liquid propane, and water. We help our clients make informed and sustainable energy plans based on energy audits, assessments, and energy modeling.

We have created a step-by-step approach to help organizations improve their bottom line by reducing energy consumption. We have also retro-commissioned millions of square feet of medical centers and commercial buildings, identifying energy conservation measures that save hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual energy costs, as well as yielding improved occupant comfort.

The foundation of any sustainable, objective energy analysis is credible data and modeling. SCS prepares objective analyses that inform policy and investment decisions. Our energy engineering includes energy efficiency, energy services, facility management, plant engineering, environmental compliance, and alternative energy technologies.

SCS Engineers combines the skills of multiple engineering disciplines in order to develop sustainable programs that meet our clients’ needs to increase efficiency and integrate renewable sources of energy.

“The SCS team was obviously very qualified to discuss and recommend strong improvements to all of the building systems covered in this contract. This strength of knowledge and the apparent drive for energy performance improvement at quick paybacks made them a great fit for our goals.”

— Jessica Williams, Contracting Officer, as quoted in the Contractor Performance Assessment Report, October 2013. GSA Federal Buildings Study.

One of the best ways for many facilities to lower energy consumption is by using a compressed air audit. Tony Kriel explains how these audits can work as part of your facility’s greening, or climate change goals while keeping operating costs down.  Skip ahead to 3:15 for his presentation Take Your Money Back: Compressed Air Systems.



Energy Audits and Assessments

Energy Audits and Assessments SCS Energy, a division of SCS Engineers, audits and assesses energy consumption in support of industrial, commercial, educational, and governmental clients, helping them uncover energy savings and increase performance opportunities, including ENERGY STAR compliance. This is achieved by: Analyzing electricity, natural gas, fuels, and water usage ...

Energy Conservation and Facility Management

Energy Conservation and Facility Management SCS Engineers’ commissioning (Cx) and retro-commissioning (RCx) processes uncover conditions which impact the well-being of occupants and the efficient performance of the facility. SCS’ Cx and RCx services include analyzing the major mechanical systems to identify opportunities for improvement in control strategies, physical conditions, and operational practices. ...

Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling Energy modeling is used to assess the energy use of a building and then compute the savings that can be credited to the building energy plan. At SCS Engineers, we use energy modeling to help clients prioritize their investment in strategies that will have the greatest impact ...

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy A large portion of the energy we consume could be renewable. Renewable energy is energy that can be naturally replenished (sun, geothermal, etc.), and it can be used to power electrical systems and to heat and cool buildings. There are growing opportunities to generate and use energy resources ...

Sustainable Design | Build – LEED

Sustainable Design/Build – LEED     SCS Engineers offers a range of professional design and design-build services intended to reduce environmental impacts, increase occupant comfort, and improve building performance. Our sustainable design values include the ability to enhance site potential, reduce non-renewable energy consumption, use environmentally preferred products, increase ...