solid waste management plan

Solid Waste Planning

National Experts: Bob Gardner and Michelle Leonard


Taken together, the collection, recycling, and disposal of solid waste are among the costliest of municipal services. Waste handling is also becoming more expensive because of recycling mandates, tighter landfill standards, and unstable markets for recyclable materials. The careful planning and implementation of solid waste management programs are high priorities for government and industry.

SCS Engineers offers comprehensive integrated planning services to assist in achieving your goals in integrated waste management. Our planning practices include:

  • Waste Generation Studies
  • Waste Characterization Studies
  • Waste Management Plans and Reports
  • Program Design, Implementation & Monitoring
  • Grant Writing
  • Ordinance Preparation & Implementation
  • Business Waste Assessments & Technical Assistance
  • Rate Studies
  • Collection Service & Facility Development Procurements
  • Privatization Studies
  • Hauler Audits

SCS Engineers is an innovative force in waste diversion programs. We designed one of the first e-waste collection events in California and studied the feasibility of a diaper recycling facility – the first in the United States. We are also leading the charge to sustainability through innovative programs, green building design and specifications, construction and demolition debris recycling programs, and procurement policies that work with your overall program to remain economically sustainable.

In January 2016, the City of Kirkwood, Missouri retained SCS Engineers to conduct a solid waste cost of services and rate study for the City’s solid waste system. SCS developed a Pro Forma rate model, which enabled SCS to make financial performance projections for the upcoming planning period (FY2016-2021) for the Solid Waste Division and model different possible rate structures. In addition to the rate study, SCS reviewed the overall operations of the City’s solid waste collection system and made recommendations for improvements to our operations.

The City has taken a major step towards implementing SCS’s recommendation by phasing out the City’s commercial solid waste collection program. Through SCS’s evaluation it was shown that the residential program was supplementing the commercial programs’ inefficiencies.

I would highly recommend SCS Engineers to other municipal solid waste programs because of their knowledge of the industry and their ability to provide the hard facts of operational deficiency in a positive, hopeful perspective. 

William E. Bensing, Jr., Director of Public Services, Kirkwood, Missouri 


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