September 2, 2020

EPCRA Tier II Reporting & Avoiding Common Mistakes Part One, RETA Breeze, Sep2020

SCS’s Travis Weber discusses best practices to consider to help ensure you have a clear understanding of your states’ EPCRA Tier II Reporting requirements and the accepted submittal method. The Emergency Planning and Community-Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) was enacted by Congress to assist local communities in protecting public health by ...

September 2, 2020

New Leachate Treatments to Tackle PFAS? Waste360, Sep 2, 2020

SCS Engineers’ Gomathy Radhakrishna Iyer explains, “PFAS has the same kind of carbon-fluorine bond as CFC, but linked to several C-F bonds like a chain making them even more inert and hard to degrade. Breaking this bond is what makes finding effective leachate treatments challenging, but certainly possible.” Share ...

September 1, 2020

Leachate Generation Trend After Closure of a Subtitle D Landfill, WasteAdvantage, Sep.2020

Coordination and communications between the facility operator and the engineer are essential to collect valuable data for all liquid streams and monitoring leachate generation in a very controlled manner. Most landfills are closed partially, but the Glades County Landfill closed its surface in a single construction providing a unique ...

September 1, 2020

Epic Fail: Where Did My Nameplate Go?

Seemingly little details can make a big difference, as Bill Lape reminds us in his latest article.  It pays to inspect the nameplates of your vessels, particularly if they are hidden under the insulation. Because once they fall off completely, the real problems start. In addition, it pays to ...

August 17, 2020

Client Success Initiative, Zweig Letter, Aug. 2020

Are we just solving technical problems, or delivering business results with our technical solution? As Eddy Smith tells it, at SCS delivery is all about value. Share this article using the icons at left, or download the article using the icon beneath the article window.