SCS Engineers to Assist the City of El Segundo Meet CalRecycle Waste and Recycling Requirements

January 29, 2018

Long Beach, CA – SCS Engineers is working with the City of El Segundo to help the city comply with CalRecycle requirements. SCS will review the existing residential collection contract and commercial collection system, and evaluate options for the city’s future solid waste system.

SCS will assist by studying the City’s current solid waste and recycling programs, as well as the existing residential collection contract, to identify opportunities for improvement. SCS will also analyze disposal reporting system data to identify local commercial haulers and develop an approach to ensure compliance and monitoring.

Next, SCS will work with CalRecycle to develop a plan for annual monitoring of businesses regarding their recycling activities and help the City of El Segundo educate local businesses on recycling and diverting organic waste.

“We are working in partnership with the City of El Segundo to improve its waste and recycling programs,” said Michelle Leonard, Vice President with SCS Engineers. “The recommendations and solutions we develop will help the city meet existing and future requirements for residential and commercial waste management.”