SCS Engineers Awarded Contract to Support Commercial & Institutional Recycling Program in County of Los Angeles

August 8, 2016

SCS Engineers will provide environmental services and technical support through LA County’s Department of Public Works to help enhance sustainable materials management.

LOS ANGELES, CA — SCS Engineers will provide research and consultation services supporting the County’s waste reduction and recycling practices for businesses, multi-family residences, large venues, County facilities, other public agencies, and more in the Unincorporated County Area. SCS Engineers promotes reuse, recycling, and conservation programs, and more importantly emphasizes program sustainability by considering the entire life-cycle of products, processes, and systems.

SCS’s responsibilities in the public works program include: assistance with organics management and micro-composter systems, County departmental recycling, creating resource management plans and waste-free events, developing an awards and recognition program, outreach and education.

Today society recycles more solid waste than ever before. SCS’s recycling and sustainability programs are grounded in models that leverage the feasibility and viability of new technologies and approaches that make the County’s goals possible to achieve. Recycling and waste reduction are key elements in the County’s comprehensive solid waste management program. SCS professionals provide strategies and support to help Public Works to plan and implement integrated solid waste management using recycling, reduction, and organics management as elements essential to meeting health and welfare goals, regulatory requirements, and managing the operational costs of waste disposal.

“Our extensive understanding and experience planning and implementing waste management and recycling programs will allow us to create a more environmentally friendly County of Los Angeles,” said Michelle Leonard, a vice president with SCS Engineers. “Diverting organic material, as well as recyclable items, from the landfills continues to move us closer to a Sustainable Waste Management Future.”