SCS Engineers Awarded Environmental Consulting Services Contract by the County of San Mateo

December 13, 2016

SCS Engineers advises the County on the potential redevelopment of Midway Village

DALY CITY, CA — SCS Engineers were selected by the County of San Mateo to provide environmental consulting services to the County’s Housing Authority pertaining to the possible redevelopment of Midway Village.

Midway Village is an aging 150-unit affordable housing complex made up of 39 townhouses spanning more than 10 acres. Given that the structures are nearing the end of their useful life and density of the complex is far below what zoning allows, coupled with the great need for affordable housing in the north county, the Housing Authority is considering redeveloping the property with new, high-quality affordable housing for existing and new residents. During the two-year contract, SCS Engineers is providing professional environmental services to help the Housing Authority determine the future of Midway Village.

SCS is providing expert analysis of reports and documents and their effect on redevelopment options. SCS prepared Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for Midway Village and is also in the process of developing a comprehensive Feasibility Study for the Midway Village property to inform decisions as to future redevelopment planning. Additional services may include process management support; communication with stakeholders; remedial alternatives analysis and costing; scrutiny of contractor/developer proposals; and other services as required.

“The potential to improve and increase affordable housing options through the redevelopment of Midway Village would benefit the region,” said James Ritchie, Project Director for SCS Engineers. “We are working closely with the County of San Mateo to determine the feasibility of redeveloping the site, while at the same time ensuring the safety of residents.”