SCS Engineers’ David Hostetter, PE, LEED AP, CEM, Receives SAME Young Civilian Award

January 18, 2018

Dave Hostetter of SCS Engineers recognized by the Society of Military Engineers for his outstanding contributions by a young civilian.

Washington, DC –The Washington D.C. Post of the Society of Military Engineers (SAME) Board of Directors selected David Hostetter of SCS Engineers to receive a prestigious award. SAME recognized him for Outstanding Contributions by a Young Civilian Member at a ceremony on January 18, 2018, at the National Press Club.

Hostetter says he focuses on three things in his work: using his engineering skills to make a difference in the world, serving his clients wholeheartedly, and mentoring other young professionals as he was mentored.

As an example of his outstanding project work, Dave served as the site project manager for the retro-commissioning of two hospital campuses in the Veterans Integrated Service Network 3 (VISN 3). Dave managed the retro-commissioning of more than 1,500,000 square feet of building space. His diligence and recommendations were projected to save the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs approximately $200,000 per year with an average payback period of just over two months.

On another project, Hostetter’s client was required to perform air monitoring at multiple points on a daily basis and wanted an economical and efficient way to do this. Hostetter engineered and installed a system of wireless sensors which communicate air monitoring data back to an online database. The database allows his client to view current and historical data, automatically generate daily reports, and it sends out an alarm if one of the measured parameters exceeds its alarm setpoint. The new system significantly reduced the client’s labor expenditures while improving the plant’s ability to monitor air quality and quickly respond if needed. Remote monitoring systems like this one are critical to maintaining the safety, quality, environmental and economic efficiency of commercial and industrial processes.

Hostetter mentors other young professionals by involving them in hands-on engineering projects which helps them to discover how design impacts installation and operations. They have the opportunity to ask questions and to work with senior level engineers and experienced field staff. Dave learned valuable lessons this way, and he is passing those lessons and best practices on to others.

Hostetter is now the Eastern Regional Manager of SCS RMC®, which stands for remote monitoring and control technology. Several industries use this proven technology for the simultaneous viewing, analysis, alerting, and control of equipment and systems critical to production and safe operations.

“Dave is a model of what young professionals and students should strive to become in their professional and personal careers; we are very proud of him,” said Paul Mandeville, Senior Vice President and Director of SCS’s Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.