SCS Engineers Develops 20-Year Solid Waste Management Plan for New Braunfels

July 15, 2019

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX – The City Council approved a comprehensive solid waste management plan (CSWMP), developed by SCS Engineers on Monday, July 8, 2019. The plan addresses the City’s solid waste needs over a 20-year planning period, due much in part to rapid population growth in the City.

The Plan developed by SCS in conjunction with City staff addresses the capacities at existing waste management facilities, the City’s desire to increase waste diversion, waste reduction, and the need to control costs using a long-term financial plan. SCS experts in solid waste, sustainable materials management (SMM), and economics worked closely with the Solid Waste and Recycling Division (SWRD) as they developed the Plan.

CSWMPs are valuable because they identify short, medium and long-term goals and objectives, and the policies, programs, and facilities that will help a jurisdiction meet their goals to reduce the amount of landfilled materials, increase diversion, and the most cost-effective means for achieving those goals. Other associated benefits are reductions in greenhouse gases and longer lives for facilities. The plans require knowledge of solid waste management, reduction/reuse programs, recycling markets, collection and routing, along with a successful record of accomplishment.

Financial planning plays a significant role to maintain sufficient funding mechanisms to support the CSWMP. Communication, education, and outreach strategies encourage and expand coordination regarding solid waste issues with the public and among the agencies and private firms in New Braunfels and the region supporting residential and commercial solid waste management.

The City selected SCS Engineers because the firm has successfully designed and launched comprehensive solid waste planning for clients across the nation, and is a local firm. In recent years, SCS has completed CSWMPs for municipalities in Texas including Killeen, Waco, and the Heart of Texas Council of Governments.

The plan developed by SCS met the SWRD’s criteria and includes short, medium and long-term goals while taking into consideration the economic, social, and environmental issues of various solid waste management policies, programs, and infrastructure options unique to New Braunfels. By identifying specific interim goals, the City has the flexibility to change course if there are significant local and regional changes during the planning period. The SCS plan also supports the development of best practices to serve the current and future needs of New Braunfels in the most fiscally responsible and efficient manner possible.

SCS experts are regarded in the industry for their experience identifying and planning for nuances unique to each client, along with their goals, facilities, and demographics, to build sustainable plans. The firm employs advanced solid waste management technologies and produces flexible plans using a platform to change values and conditions to see how the various combinations affect outcomes.

An article in the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung on July 11, 2019, describes how the plan addresses needs over the next 5, 10 and 20 years, and notes that the City does not expect any immediate rate changes.