SCS Engineers Expands Environmental Services in New England

February 17, 2020

Joseph Dinan heads the SCS Engineers new office at 101 Arch Street, Boston, MA 02110,
Tel: 857-444-6302

Boston, MA –SCS Engineers, an environmental consulting and construction firm, opened a new office in Boston’s Downtown Crossing district. The new location is more convenient for clients and enhances support to the firm’s growing client base in New England. SCS has provided air, water, and soil environmental solutions to over 300 clients in the real estate, banking, insurance, manufacturing, landfill, municipal, and public works sectors regionally.

The Boston location supports the growing demand for environmental scientists, engineers, and consultants. SCS professional staff specializes in meeting federal, state, and local clean air, water, and soil goals, and the restoration of property once thought impractical to revitalize. The firm also provides vapor intrusion systems for protecting existing properties and a range of comprehensive environmental services for public and private entities.

Joe Dinan heads the SCS Engineers’ environmental services team in Boston.

Joseph Dinan, an accomplished project manager and senior scientist heads Boston’s SCS team. Dinan has an excellent record meeting regulatory compliance and accountability for his clients to efficiently permit projects, keep them on budget and maintain the redevelopment schedule while meeting all environmental guidance. His background includes applied sciences including chemistry, microbiology, and environmental and soil sciences. Dinan has successfully managed hundreds of environmental assessment and remediation projects, both domestically and internationally.

Dinan’s Boston team resolves complex environmental challenges through the application of comprehensive analytical skills and technologies. Approaching each project with decades of expertise, mitigating the financial risk through careful assessment, analysis, and planning protects clients and the environment during all phases of redevelopment.

SCS’s high standards and ability to identify and implement regulatory-compliant actions throughout a project’s lifecycle help alleviate liability and legal obligations. The use of innovative technology and best practices keep costs in line, achieving regulatory compliance faster. Results often include value-added such as lower carbon emissions due to less truck traffic at the site. SCS’s clients are recognized for supporting economic development while achieving environmental benefits.