SCS Engineers Expands Environmental Services in Tennessee

March 11, 2020


environmental consulting nashville
Brian Gant heads the SCS Engineers environmental services team in Nashville.

Nashville, TN –SCS Engineers, an environmental consulting and construction firm, opened a new office in Williamson County. Brian Gant manages the office in Tennessee that provides air, water, and soil environmental solutions and compliance to nearly 100 clients in the real estate, banking, insurance, manufacturing, landfill, municipal, and public works sectors regionally.

The Nashville location supports the growing demand for environmental scientists, engineers, and consultants who are helping businesses and municipalities with sustainability goals that address climate change and help them remain compliant with changing local, state, and federal laws. SCS professionals can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, capture landfill gases, create renewable energy from by-products, and optimize utilities and businesses using environmental practices that are economically feasible. SCS professionals specialize in permitting for, and meeting, comprehensive clean air, water, and soil goals, and can assist with due diligence and property remediation. The firm also provides vapor intrusion systems for protecting existing properties and a range of services such as spill prevention, stormwater planning, and solid waste management planning.

Brian Gant, an accomplished project manager and environmental consultant, heads Nashville’s SCS team. Mr. Gant has more than two decades of experience in solid and hazardous waste management, permitting, environmental compliance, environmental auditing, and ISO 14001 compliance. Mr. Gant’s expertise also includes solid and hazardous waste management for landfills and waste-generating facilities.

He has experience managing hundreds of projects representing a diverse range of clients with facilities varying from metal die-casting and precision parts, to quarries, ports, and hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities.

Brian Gant was recently appointed as a member of Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s Sustainability Advisory Committee. The Committee will support multiple initiatives to combat climate change and promote sustainability by providing advice on a range of sustainability issues and review active proposals as they advance through legislation, executive orders, policy changes, and practices.