SCS Engineers Partners with Ener-Core to Generate Clean Power from Landfill Gas

December 2, 2015

Collaboration Expands Deployment of Waste Gas to Clean Energy Technology

Long Beach, CA –SCS Engineers, a leader in landfill gas-to-energy solutions is happy to announce a teaming agreement with Irvine, California-based Ener-Core, Incorporated (OTCQB: ENCR). Ener-Core is the sole provider of Power Oxidation technology and equipment in the United States and uses advanced technologies to reduce potential damage to the atmosphere while generating clean power from low-quality and waste gases.

Federal, state and in some cases local air regulations require landfill operators to abate landfill gas emissions, which is costly and inefficient for many landfill owners.  Ener-Core’s Power Oxidizer allows landfills to monetize those emissions by converting the gases to clean power generation, instead of venting or burning them as waste gases.

Landfills may generate landfill gas for up to 50 years after the landfill ceases to receive waste and is closed. In those post-closure years of a landfill’s life-cycle, the energy content of landfill gas falls, but the gases still contain pollutants and are collected.  Historically there have not been affordable solutions to productively utilize these low-quality gases to generate energy, so many inactive or closed landfills flare (burn) the gas emissions in order to remain compliant with federal, state and/or local air quality standards. SCS believes that Ener-Core’s ability to generate clean energy from low energy content landfill gas is an environmentally sound solution that is financially feasible as well.

SCS Engineers has continuously encouraged the efficient use of energy in a sustainable manner in order to protect and improve environmental quality.  In teaming with Ener-Core, SCS Engineers believes that it can continue to add value to its customers by enabling them to generate profitable revenues from their waste gases while also improving environmental quality.

“The partnership with Ener-Core and SCS could potentially benefit hundreds of closed landfills in the U.S.,” stated Steve Hamilton, a Senior Vice President of SCS and National Expert on Landfill Gas to Energy.  “We’ve worked with a large percentage of these landfills, and believe they will be interested in the advantages the SCS/Ener-Core team offers them.”

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