SCS Engineers’ Thomas Rappolt Reappointed to the Air Pollution Control District Hearing Board

April 16, 2018

Each of the five members of the San Diego County APCD Hearing Board have professional experience in the fields of medicine, engineering, law, and include two members of the public.

thomas rappolt
Tom Rappolt, SCS Engineers

San Diego, CA – Thomas J. Rappolt, QEP, a Vice President and Office Director at SCS Engineers was recently reappointed to the Air Pollution Control District Hearing Board for a three-year term beginning March 13, 2018. The Hearing Board is composed of five members appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

The purpose of the Hearing Board is to listen to appeals from permit denials, applications for variances from Air Pollution Control District Rules and Regulations, hear abatement order requests, and make a decision as to their validity. The California Air Resources Board has an oversight role of the Hearing Board and reviews all actions of the Hearing Board, which is not a part of the Air Pollution Control District.

Rappolt has served San Diego County as a public member for nearly 20 years and 11 of those years as the Hearing Board’s chairperson. As a Senior Air Quality Meteorologist and the SCS National Expert on Odor and Tracer Gas Studies, he brings over 40 years of technical experience in air quality compliance, pollutant dispersion, and air measurement sciences. He is an expert in atmospheric dispersion and transport of airborne pollutants, particularly in the area of complex terrain, including overwater and coastal meteorological regimes, as well as inter and intra building processes.

Mr. Rappolt has designed and implemented over 40 atmospheric monitoring networks and comprehensive field measurement programs involving toxic chemicals and molds, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, metals, odorous compounds, criteria pollutants, and other targeted compounds of interest. Mr. Rappolt has served as an expert witness in the area of meteorology, atmospheric dispersion, and odor impacts on numerous legal cases, and programs which have regulatory significance.

“It is an honor to be able to continue to serve on the San Diego County APCD Hearing Board and my community,” stated Thomas Rappolt.