SCS Engineers to Provide Solid Waste Rate Study and Business Plan for Santa Rosa County, Florida

May 7, 2015

Central Landfill, Santa Rosa County, FL
Central Landfill, Santa Rosa County, FL

TAMPA, FL – The Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners (County) has approved an agreement with SCS Engineers to provide support to the County’s Environmental Department. The careful planning and implementation of municipal solid waste management programs are priorities for the County, which is working to manage the rising costs of waste handling due to recycling mandates, more stringent landfill standards, and the market for recyclable materials.

SCS Engineers will help the County navigate the economic and environmental issues arising in the current business climate. The SCS Engineers’ rate study will focus on the County’s critical financial and management issues with respect to solid waste. Most importantly, the rate study can be used to measure the revenues needed to provide the desired levels of service, while also helping establish fair, equitable, and stable solid waste user rates. Evaluation of possible budget cost savings and revenue enhancements is a key function of the rate study.

Dr. Marc Rogoff, Project Director, will lead the SCS project team of professionals to complete the study and business plan. “The County recognizes its responsibility to the public to manage solid waste services in the most efficient and equitable manner,” Dr. Rogoff stated. “Using financial programs, various scenarios can be constructed to quickly evaluate the overall impact of alternatives on the long-term financial outlook of the solid waste system.”