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June 28, 2017

SCS Solid Waste Series: Doing More with Less, Funding a Solid Waste Fleet Replacement Program

This article provides the SCS methodology used to make projections for the financial performance of solid waste collection and disposal during a five-year planning period for the City of Pensacola, Florida. The projections were then used to model different possible rate structures for approval by the City Council. After discussion ...

June 27, 2017

Integrated Approaches to Landfill Leachate Management

Effective leachate management applies unique combinations of technologies which most adequately address the previously mentioned factors. To provide a truly sustainable solution to leachate management, SCS suggests another approach, which is to consider the landfill design and operations as part of the solution. By using the existing landfill design ...

June 26, 2017

SCS Solid Waste Series: Doing More with Less, Understanding Cost Analysis

The economic concept of the time value of money is an important one to grasp because it allows the recycling coordinator or analyst to compare the feasibility of different solid waste program alternatives. Driven by interest and inflation, it boils down to one simple rule: a dollar invested tomorrow ...

June 23, 2017

SCS Sustainability Corner: Repurpose, Reuse, Upcycle

Put them in your car’s storage compartments to avoid mildew, in your toolbox to prevent tools from rusting, on windowsills in the kitchen to banish condensation, inside the drawer with your silver or jewelry box to slow down tarnishing, tuck a few into your luggage, boxes of holiday decorations, ...

June 22, 2017

Money Saving Environmental Compliance Tip for Contaminated Soil Disposal

An NR 718 exemption is available for safely replacing other solid wastes such as contaminated sediments, fly ash, debris, or foundry sand on the same site from which they were removed, rather than taking them to a licensed landfill. These other solid wastes can not be disposed offsite under ...

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