December 23, 2016

Giant Renewable Landfill-Gas-to-Energy Project Meets California Strict Emission Standards

SCS provided air and other environmental permitting for the Montauk project at the F.R. Bowerman Landfill in California. See Clean Air Act Services

December 21, 2016

Rainy Days – SCS Engineers’ newsletter on everything Stormwater in California!

Rainy Days – SCS Engineers’ newsletter on everything Stormwater! We have shared some information below about stormwater compliance to help you understand and navigate the sometimes confusing regulatory process – … Continue reading Rainy Days – SCS Engineers’ newsletter on everything Stormwater in California!

December 20, 2016

Not Just a RETA Breeze – SCS’s Lee Pyle Makes PSM – RMP an Easy Breeze

Lee Pyle wrote a series of great articles for the RETA Breeze in 2016, read them here.

December 15, 2016

2016 Updates to EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Impact Reports Due March 2017

Effective January 1, 2018 (applicable to 2017 reporting year), the EPA is adding a reporting requirement for the total heat input capacity (HIC) for group or common pipe source configurations. This is a new requirement and facilities will have to collect new HIC data. Stationary combustion sources with a ...

December 13, 2016

Get Ahead of the 2017 Environmental Compliance Reporting Requirements

Facilities with 10 or more full-time equivalent employees who are included in a TRI-covered North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code must prepare and submit a Form A or Form R for every toxic chemical or chemical category as defined, that is manufactured or processed at a rate of ...

December 12, 2016

SCS Advice From the Field: Top 10 tips for achieving contracting success in a volatile recycling market

By controlling contracts you have a much better chance to implement a financially sustainable recycling operation. SCS Experts review managing costs and nine other important components in this engaging article.

December 5, 2016

Potential Impact of EPA’s Final Rule Establishing Renewable Fuel Volumes for 2017

Under section 211 of the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is required to set renewable fuel percentage standards every year, including for cellulosic biofuel, biomass-based diesel, advanced … Continue reading Potential Impact of EPA’s Final Rule Establishing Renewable Fuel Volumes for 2017

December 1, 2016

Common Sense Stormwater Management

Every state in the country has different permits to enforce the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Water Act (CWA). Several states even have specific permits assigned to industry sectors. This article … Continue reading Common Sense Stormwater Management

November 29, 2016

Border 2020 Partners with Campo Band of Mission Indians Towards Zero Waste Program

SCS Engineers was contracted to prepare a waste characterization study to support the development of a zero waste plan. The study provides critical information for designing and developing the future programs, policies, and facilities to effectively achieve a zero waste program.

November 28, 2016

Safely Expanding An Active Landfill – Increase Volume Within the Existing Footprint

From the results of the global final slope stability and the landfill base settlement analyses, it concluded that a vertical expansion at the case study landfill will not increase the risk to human health or the environment over the existing regulatory approved conditions. A vertical expansion provides the landfill ...