July 10, 2020

Supporting Changes to Modern Solid Waste Practices in West Africa

Building a better solid waste management infrastructure is a top priority for the City of Madison’s sister city, Kanifing, in The Gambia, Africa; and Wisconsin solid waste professionals are helping. Watch the video When Kanifing began placing municipal waste in an old quarry on the outskirts 40 years ago, ...

July 8, 2020

Are You Managing Environmental Regulatory Compliance During the Pandemic?

EPA will give seven days’ advance notice prior to terminating at their COVID-19 Implications for EPA's Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Program. After the memo is terminated, you are expected to return to compliance. EPA will not require facilities to “catch up” with missed monitoring or reporting if the interval ...

July 6, 2020

New APWA booklet helps general public and elected officials understand responsible solid waste management

An American Public Works Association (APWA) publication, Responsible Solid Waste Management No single waste management approach is suitable for managing all materials and MSW streams in all circumstances. The USEPA hierarchy places emphasis on reducing, reusing, and recycling as key to sustainable materials management.  Citizens and elected officials are ...

July 3, 2020

Why Your Kid Loves the Garbage Truck So Much

From The Atlantic, Family Section I, too, had a more-than-passing interest in the garbage truck as a kid; with palpable residual excitement, I can remember peeking through the window shutters of my parents’ front room to watch the vaguely menacing robotic arm jut out, snatch our garbage can, and ...

July 3, 2020

Welcome to our Summer Interns!

SCS welcomes our seven 2020 Summer Interns. Congratulations on reaching this most exciting stage in your life! Click to learn more about Molly, Adam, Zach, Grace, Ruben, Taylor, and Carey.    

July 1, 2020

USEPA ADDS 172 PFAS Chemicals to EPCRA TRI Reporting Program

The reporting threshold for each of the 172 PFAS chemicals is 100 pounds. By comparison, the thresholds for the vast majority of TRI chemicals are 10,000 to 25,000 pounds. PFAS chemicals have received considerable attention from the environmental community. Much of this attention has focused on two specific PFAS chemicals: ...

June 29, 2020

Unwelcomed Nuisance – Leachate Seeps Below the Final Cover Geomembrane

As long as the slope does not have its final cover, you can attempt to control leachate seeps no matter where the seep location. There are many remedies known to landfill operators for controlling seeps before the final cover, but leachate seeps below the final cover are not controllable. ...

June 26, 2020

Meet Dr. Gomathy Radhakrishna Iyer – SCS Engineers Young Professional

Dr. Gomathy Radhakrishna Iyer joined SCS Engineers in April 2019 as a Staff Professional working out of our Reston, Virginia office. She recently had the honor of delivering a presentation at the Global Waste Management Symposium in February. Learn more about Gomathy and her work as an engineer at ...

June 24, 2020

Final Cover System and Landfill Gas Piping – Design Considerations

Landfills are complex systems with many pipes for liquids and landfill gas running in many different directions. Some of these pipes are at the bottom of the landfill, such as leachate collections pipes, leachate toe drain pipes, pressure release pipes, etc. Other pipes are near the final cover system, ...

June 23, 2020

New Emissions Guidelines for MSW Landfills in Virginia – SCS Engineers Technical Bulletin

The EG rule applies to existing MSW landfills (those existing landfills that have accepted waste since November 8, 1987, and have not initiated an expansion after July 17, 2014). The new EG is intended to eventually replace the existing rules under the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) of Subpart ...

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