November 29, 2018

Webinar Deadline: NPDES Industrial Stormwater Compliance Regulations

Recommended for Managers and Facility Compliance Personnel Responsible for NPDES Industrial Stormwater Compliance The new Exceedance Response Action (ERA) paradigm has wide-reaching implications for future NPDES permittees of industrial stormwater discharges. This growing regulatory compliance mechanism is already being implemented in California, Washington, and most recently in Oregon. These states ...

November 28, 2018

Storm Water Regulatory Changes and Industry Trends

We will continue to see changes on the federal, state and local regulatory front that together will help us manage storm water in a smart, cost-effective manner preserving our water resources. Betsy Powers of SCS Engineers provides an update in her most recent article. Until a new WOTUS definition ...

November 26, 2018

Are you confident that your team will proactively respond to a spill?

While a mock spill training drill as part of the annual training session is a good means to prepare your employees, we are taking more aspects from these plan documents that can be duplicated, laminated, and placed in key areas around the facility. In today’s world, having information at your ...

November 21, 2018

SCS Engineers Expands 2019 Refrigeration Operator Training Programs

Refrigeration Training and Certification Programs SCS has a diverse staff of certified engineers, scientists, and technicians who provide practical, cost-effective training on-site or in one of our nationwide sessions. We use training materials from RETA, IIAR, manufacturers, and field experience, as well as facility-specific standard operating procedures. See our ...

November 13, 2018

Wastewater Ammonia Treatment – SCS Technical Bulletin

Of interest to industries concerned with wastewater ammonia treatment or landfill leachate ammonia treatment. SCS Engineers publishes a new SCS Technical Bulletin entitled “Treatment of Ammonia in Wastewater and Leachate – Considerations and Technologies.” Reducing the amount of ammonia in landfill leachate and other industrial wastewaters are often necessary ...

November 11, 2018

Veteran Paul Migwi Values Teamwork at SCS

Paul Migwi joined SCS in May 2017 as an Associate Professional in the Overland Park office. Paul graduated from Kansas State University in 2017 earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering with a structural and environmental focus. He is now pursuing his Master’s in Engineering Management at KSU. ...

November 9, 2018

 Sowmya Bulusu – SCS Engineers Senior Project Manager and…

Ms. Bulusu is an experienced solid waste and geo-environmental engineer with over 12 years of experience as a design engineer and senior project manager for numerous landfill, environmental, and civil engineering projects. Her work focuses on waste disposal facility siting, design, permitting, and construction; design, permitting, and construction of ...

November 7, 2018

2018 RETA Conference in Dallas – Don’t miss the networking, education, and fun!

Yes, we’re ready for another penetrating, piercing, sharp, bracing, brisk, crisp, invigorating, and rigorous RETA conference! This year SCS will be back with our game on and a great lineup with our colleagues… If you missed Bill Lape’s The Best Little MOC Workshop in Texas catch him at the booth! Gene Dumas ...

November 5, 2018

SCS Engineers Founding Sponsor of WISR – Women in Solid Waste and Recycling

SCS Engineers announces today that they are a founding sponsor of WISR – Women in Solid Waste & Recycling. WISR is the first of its kind nonprofit organization created in 2017, dedicated to preparing women for leadership positions in the industry by organizing chapters in key industry centers and ...

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