Oil & Gas: Oilfield Waste Landfills

Commercial RCRA-Exempt Oilfield Waste Landfills

The Railroad Commission of Texas approved permits to construct and operate two landfills. One is the Orla Landfill in Reeves County, and the second is the Upton Landfill in Midland County, with environmental and permitting support by SCS.

SCS provides consulting to Milestone Environmental during the initial planning stages through geologic and geotechnical investigations, permit application preparation and submittal, and construction bid document preparation in compliance with the Railroad Commission of Texas.

  • Environmental Services include:
  • Geologic and geotechnical reports.
  • Design and prepare permit applications for the oilfield waste landfill.
  • Create permit drawings, details, fill progression plans, and cross-sections.
  • Site drainage design.
  • Cost estimate for closure for the worst case.
  • Construction Quality Assurance Plan
  • Construction bid documents and technical specifications.
  • Other related operational and permitting services.


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