Environmental Problems. What Can You Do to Be Ready? WI Agri-Business News Qrtly, Spring 2018

Are you ready to REACT to a spill?


Respond, Evaluate, Alert, Contain, Take.

Tony Kollasch of SCS Engineers discusses how you react to a materials spill incident is important and critical to an effective resolution. Timely responses are not just required by state and federal regulations, but prompt actions  can also reduce the cleanup costs related to a spill.

Commonly spilled materials from agri-businesses include:

  • Liquid and granular fertilizers
  • Pesticides
  • Anhydrous ammonia (normally a gas, but large quantity liquids spills do occur)
  • Soil amendments such as potash and lime
  • Petroleum products and waste materials

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SCS Engineers offers For 24-Hour Emergency Spill Response in Wisconsin and Northern
Illinois. Contact us for more information about the program (non-emergencies).

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