L.A. County and SCS Engineers use Outreach and Awards to Reach Commercial Waste Generators, Waste360

Published in Waste360, September 2016

“One of the primary objectives of the program is to inform business owners of the law because, unfortunately, not all businesses are aware that there is a state mandate for commercial recycling and for the commercial organics law,” says SCS Engineers Vice President and Director of Sustainable Materials Management, Michelle Leonard, who is the SCS project manager working with L.A. County.

As the organics law is being phased in, it’s capturing just the largest generators initially, but eventually will cover most businesses, she says.

“This program directly supports the county’s Roadmap to a Sustainable Waste Management Future by helping businesses to implement recycling programs,” says Leonard. “And not only recycling but waste reduction, as well, all of which, of course, contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, resource management and sustainable materials management.”