Back Office and Customer Information Systems, Talking Trash, Aug. 2017

The mantra of doing things quicker, cheaper, and faster is being increasingly applied to solid waste services, and having the appropriate software and hardware is crucial. The application of computer software and hardware is providing solid waste agencies with the analytic tools to measure their performance and those of their employees. Being able to optimize routes and service customer work orders more quickly also increases general customer satisfaction. Both the computer hardware and software will continue to improve in the years ahead as these demands only increase. Customer service software can be a very helpful tool for your solid waste operation, and if your agency is undecided about moving forward with a particular program, many software providers offer free demonstrations and even free trials. In terms of selecting the right software for your solid waste program, the world is your e-Oyster.

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About the authors: Marc J Rogoff, Ph.D. and Laurel C. Urena, M.S.

Solid Waste Services