DIWs for Wastewater Disposal, WasteAdvantage, May, 2018

Wastewater Deep Injection Wells – Industries Tap a Unique Resource

The increasingly stringent surface water discharge standards are an ongoing challenge for industries generating a wastewater stream. Deep Injection Well’s should be considered as a potentially viable option for long-term, cost-effective wastewater disposal, where a viable receiving geologic strata exists and when wastewater management alternatives are evaluated. In Florida, they currently provide an environmentally sound disposal option for many regions.

However, DIWs can generate considerable public concern and pushback during the permitting phase.  Be prepared to conduct proactive regulatory meetings, have complete, relevant and current technical studies including consideration of other well sites and disposal technologies, and a thoughtful and well-rehearsed public presentation(s) to develop your case to produce the best outcome.

About the Co-authors:  Bruce Clark, PE, Monte Markley, PG and Somshekhar Kundral, PE of SCS Engineers.

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