Epic Fails: IIAR Compliance: We Need a Better Coat

IIAR Compliance - SCS EngineersIIAR compliance requires maintenance of paint and insulation on equipment and piping. It is easy to overlook some maintenance items Bill Lape reviews in his latest Epic Fails article. But, the infractions can result in citations from regulatory inspectors or, worse, a release that injures someone. Play it safe with this RETA Breeze article! Bill uses imagery from real inspections to cover Chapter 11 compliance and the most common areas to inspect.

Inspections of the piping are required annually. In areas subject to winter weather, the best time to inspect the outside piping is in the spring to identify and repair deficiencies quickly. It is best to clean and repaint uninsulated piping and to repair damaged insulated before they look like the photos in this article.

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Bill LapeAbout the Author: Bill Lape is a Project Director for SCS Engineers. He is a Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator, Certified Refrigeration Service Technician, and a member of the National Board of Directors of the Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association. You may reach him at or on LinkedIn.



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