Incorporating RAGAGEP Into Your PSM – RMP, RETA Breeze, Jul-Aug 2016

About the Author: Lee Pyle

In 2015, OSHA clarified that published documents that follow the American National Standard Institute’s consensus standards qualify as RAGAGEP. The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration’s ANSI/IIAR 2–2008, “American National Standard for Equipment, Design, and Installation of Ammonia Mechanical Refrigeration Systems” and ANSI/ASHRAE 15–2013, “Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems” are both considered RAGAGEP for the ammonia refrigeration industry. For new systems, this is easy because

For new systems, all items within these documents should have been engineered into the initial design. For older systems, it becomes more complicated—but it doesn’t have to be. As an owner/

Lee describes simple ways to get started documenting RAGAGEP for older facilities in this article.

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