The Transformative Power of Mentoring

Mentoring; firms and municipalities across North America are all grappling with attracting and retaining the next generation of leaders to their industry and individual job postings. At SCS Engineers mentoring is a critical component of meeting the challenge. Dave Hostetter invites his peers in his article “The Transformative Power of Mentoring,” to invest in mentoring.

I came to SCS hoping to make a difference in the world through engineering and developing systems and processes that improve the environment or reduce negative impacts. SCS is a great place where, as an engineer, I can do things that truly help improve our world. I remember talking with my father about this several years ago. We realized that when I look back on my career, my true impact won’t be measured by how much methane gas I prevented from entering the atmosphere but by how many lives I’ve impacted through my investment into them as Tom invested in me.

Remember Tom’s example as you move forward and build your own leaders. I also encourage you to take the time to thank all of the “Toms” who have invested in you. I’m sure they’ll thank you and tell you to pay it forward.

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