Guy Lewis

Mr. Lewis is a Vice President of SCS and has been with SCS Field Services since 1987. Mr. Lewis’s long career at SCS started as a field technician maturing to a Vice President and Regional Manager. He leads construction, operation, and repair of environmental pollution control facilities and remediation projects. Most of this SCS experience has involved the construction of new and expanded landfill gas (LFG) collection, flaring and utilization systems.
Many projects involve major overhauls and repairs. LFG projects under Mr. Lewis’ direction have included landfill gas to energy facilities, compressor stations, off-site landfill gas pipelines for direct use, gas extraction well installations, collection header lines, polyethylene (PE) pipe fusion, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe installation, installation of condensate/leachate containment and collection facilities, installation of blower/flare station mechanical equipment (including concrete pads, blowers, flares, compressors, condensate tanks, pumps, flame arrestors, electrical panels, etc.), repair of landfill cover systems, erosion and sediment controls, and landfill revegetation.
Mr. Lewis’ construction experience also includes numerous remediation projects. These projects include underground storage tank (UST) excavation and removal, chemical and petroleum contaminated soil excavation, transportation, and disposal, construction of soil vapor extraction systems (VES), including installation of air monitoring facilities at a state Superfund site, and construction of a combination VES/biotreatment system.