Julio Nuno

Mr. Nuno is a Senior Vice President of SCS and is responsible for Environmental Services in California and Nevada, and manages our Long Beach headquarters office. He has over 30 years of environmental services experience, all with SCS, and extensive expertise in property evaluation and due diligence; site assessment, investigation, and remediation; underground storage tank (UST) assessment, upgrading, removal, and leakage cleanup; and hazardous waste management. He works extensively with regulatory agencies, fully understands regulations pertaining to petroleum hydrocarbons and hazardous waste, and has worked on numerous projects associated with real estate transactions to assess the potential for releases, characterize releases of contaminants to soil, soil vapor, and groundwater, implement remedial measures, and develop cost estimates for assessing and mitigating impacts. An SCS Vice President responsible for Environmental Services in Southern California and Nevada, Mr. Nuno has directed SCS’s contributions to a number of major projects, including construction of the Staples Center and the Phoenix Award-winning Chesterfield Square project, both in Los Angeles, CA.