Coal Combustion Residuals – Coal Slag Reuse Studies for Polk Power Station, Tampa Electric Co., Mulberry, Florida

SCS Engineers Coal Combustion Residuals
Polk Power Station

The Polk Power Station is an Integrated Gasification Combined-Cycle (IGCC) power station installed with an ash beneficiation process. The beneficiated ash was separated into three fractions: fuel, coarse and fine. The fuel was suitable for re-burn, while the coarse can be used for asphalt shingle grit and for sandblast media. The fine material has been undergoing additional tests for possible reuse.

SCS Engineers’ services for this project included:

  • technical review of reuse options
  • statistical data analysis
  • development of sampling methodology
  • chemical characterizations
  • regulatory permitting
  • material sample collection

SCS was successful in obtaining an approval from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for contingency disposal of the coal slag at a local construction and demolition debris landfill which may provide an economical solution to managing this material. SCS also has assessed possible use of the material as a substitute daily cover for landfills.