Evaluating and Rehabilitating an Aging Landfill Gas System: I-95 Landfill Case Study


Chris Meoli, PE
County of Fairfax, Virginia
Department of Public Works and Environmental Services

Darrin D. Dillah, Ph.D., PE, BCEE
SCS Engineers, Reston, Virginia

David P. Hostetter, PE, LEED AP, CEM
SCS Engineers, Denver, Pennsylvania

SCS Engineers case study concerning an aging LFG system located in northern Virginia nicknamed the I-95 Landfill. Operation and maintenance had become onerous and expensive as the system aged. Plans to evaluate, redesign, and rebuild the system with the intention to simplify operation and optimize performance while reducing lifecycle operation and maintenance costs were implemented. This paper presents the site history of the I-95 Landfill along with the approach from system evaluation findings, the design recommendations, construction, and the lessons learned.