Expert Panel Report: Bristol Integrated Solid Waste Management

Published by the Virginia Tech College of Engineering and commissioned by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

An Expert Panel (“Panel”) including SCS Engineers was convened by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to address odor problems and operational concerns at the Bristol Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility (“Landfill”) located in Bristol, Virginia. The charge to the Panel was to evaluate available data and information including actions over the history of the landfill and to provide recommendations to address these issues.

The Panel evaluated a substantial body of information including site maps prior to Landfill construction, pictures of Landfill construction, tables of odor complaints, gas and liquid sample data, input from local residents, and technical papers dealing with landfill odor problems similar to this site. The Panel inspected the Landfill and received presentations by several landfill experts with experience dealing with odors associated with similar landfill types at a meeting convened in Bristol on March 21-22.

This report summarizes consensus Panel recommendations pertaining to 1) mitigation of odors emanating from the Landfill; 2) feasibility of continued waste disposal operations of the Landfill; and 3) options for early closure of the Landfill; either temporary or permanent. The Panel also identified key data gaps that prevent a clear diagnosis of conditions and subsurface reactions in the Landfill and to verify performance of proposed engineered mitigation actions.