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June 27, 2022

SCS Engineers Environmental Consulting and Contracting
At SCS, we value the commitment and teamwork it takes to execute essential services.


Meet Major Carlos Restrepo, whose work exemplifies commitment and teamwork. Major Restrepo is a Project Manager in our Tampa, Florida office and the Detachment Officer-in-Charge of the Army’s 604th Forward Engineer Support Team – Advance (FEST-A). His team was deployed to Kuwait to support Operation Enduring Freedom (Spartan Shield and Inherent Resolve).

While deployed, Carlos managed a multidisciplinary team of professional and technical engineers in a high-paced contingency environment. He managed all aspects of command with special emphasis on engineering support capabilities. His responsibilities included project management, base camp and site development planning, engineer design, cost estimates, and required facility, infrastructure, and environmental assessments at bases and camps throughout Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Carlos’s team completed more than 50 missions with a project value of more than $15 million. Under his guidance and leadership, his team performed complex multidisciplinary engineer assessments and designs at all assigned locations. His ability to anticipate problems, provide sound recommendations, and collaborate with external organizations fostered positive relationships and extended the influence of FEST-A capabilities across the theater, which was critical to enhancing the Theater Engineer Brigade’s ability to deliver essential engineer solutions.

Despite numerous challenges presented by the ever-changing and dynamic operational environment, Carlos skillfully positioned the right personnel and resources to key locations at the right time to ensure the timely delivery of engineering design solutions to meet the various needs of all supported organizations across the theater without sacrificing quality or cost. His superb organizational management abilities were instrumental in streamlining numerous processes, making project execution more efficient for the supported organizations.

We are grateful to Major Restepro and his mighty team for their work. At SCS, we value the commitment and teamwork it takes to execute essential services. For a rewarding career, consider becoming an employee-owner at SCS Engineers.




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December 17, 2021

These days you see companies bending over backward to attract new hires. Puffy job descriptions, promises of success, big salaries, and benefits are everywhere. My advice is to learn about a company’s leaders — not yet retiring and not a young professional. What they talk about during interviews is often a good indication of what they are like and what they value. It has always helped guide me to work somewhere rewarding under the tutelage of remarkable people.

Mike McLaughlin is the Senior Vice President of Environmental Services for SCS Engineers and was once an SCS young professional. He graduated from law school in 1979 and continues to influence people and businesses every day, including many at SCS Engineers.

He is an environmental engineer with a law degree, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable person in the field. You’d also be lucky to know him. He is as entertaining as thoughtful about finding practical solutions to environmental challenges and the things that matter.

Just reading the article A Special Place to Study Law makes me happy knowing I get to work with people like Mike, and you could too.

Join us at SCS Engineers!





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