Energy Utility Environmental Conference (EUEC)

July 12, 2023

SCS Engineers’ deep well injection expert, Monte Markley, is presenting at the 26th Annual EUEC conference, February 13-15, 2024, at the Irving Convention Center near Dallas, Texas.

The Energy Utility Environmental Conference (EUEC) attracts some 2000 attendees from around the globe and features over 300 speakers and 200 exhibitors.  This is the first live in-person event since the pandemic, and we are happy to be together again!

euec 2024
Monte Markley, VP/Project Director, SCS Engineers

SCS Vice President, Monte Markley, will present on “The Basics of Deep Well Injection as a Leachate Disposal Option”

Abstract: Deep well injection is a viable leachate management option in many parts of the United States, yet it is often screened out as a viable alternative due to a lack of understanding of the technology or gross misconceptions about its acceptance or applicability. The purpose of this paper is to present the basics of deep well injection as a technology and to present three key threshold criteria a facility should evaluate when considering the applicability of geologic sequestration of leachate.Technical criteria that will be discussed are potential disposal volumes, geologic suitability, chemical compatibility, pre-treatment requirements, and leachate chemistry. The economic considerations are evaluated based on the technical criteria noted above, management of public perception/relations, current leachate management expenditures, service life of the asset and risk to develop accurate capital, O&M costs, and return on investment. Regulatory considerations will include the role of state vs. federal primacy for each state, the general stance of regulatory acceptance in specific areas of the United States, and a discussion of the permitting process and typical reporting requirements.These key considerations are then integrated into an overall suitability evaluation that an owner can utilize to accurately determine if deep well injection is a viable option and, if so, how to educate other stakeholders and manage the process of implementation as a project moves forward.


Visit the EUEC 2024 website for abstract info, conference details, and registration information.

We hope to see you there!



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