Environmental Research & Educational Foundation (EREF).

May 18, 2023

Meet SCS Engineers professionals at the 2023 EREF Quantification of Landfill Emissions Summit, October 24 & 25 in Chicago.

The Summit brings together engineers, academics, industry professionals, government personnel, and policymakers to address topics related to greenhouse gas emissions measurement at solid waste management facilities, including landfills, RNG facilities, and compost operations such as:

  • Assessments of direct emissions measurement technologies, including satellite, aircraft, drone, fixed sensors, and ground-based techniques
  • Challenges or variables that can significantly impact direct measurements
  • Comparisons of emission modeling/equations to direct measurement
  • Carbon accounting methods used to assess methane emissions
  • The current state of practice of emissions measurement

The conference is hosted by the Environmental Research & Educational Foundation (EREF).

Check the conference site for registration information and program details



Posted by Laura Dorn at 10:55 am