goo and scaling

August 8, 2023


We hope you were able to join SCS Engineers for our follow-up presentation to Black Goo I. In this live session, we welcomed Dr. Craig Benson, who is studying black goo for the Environmental Research & Education Foundation. Joining Dr. Benson were landfill and leachate engineers and an expert who brings in-field expertise for a holistic presentation.

Landfills are experiencing a phenomenon called “black goo,” solids that make their way into leachate and gas collection systems, clogging equipment and impairing the management and extraction of leachate and gas. The viscosity differs between facilities, hardening like concrete or staying pliable. It attaches to pumps and check valves and settles in sumps, causing problems for leachate collection system cleanouts and landfill operations.

With funding from the Environmental Research & Education Foundation, Craig Benson provided information from his team’s studies, and our panelists discussed how goos move through waste into the infrastructure and how to remove it or keep your systems functioning. Ultimately, this and a growing base of information will help us to prevent the goo problem from happening in the first place.


Who Should Watch and What You’ll Learn?

Goo II is for those in wastewater operations, landfill owners, operators, technicians, field personnel, engineers, and regulators interested in learning more about goos. We covered these topics:

  • Appearance and the basic characteristics and chemical compositions.
  • The impact of temperature on goo formation.
  • Engineering landfill leachate collection systems and gas wells.
  • Using technology and landfill data to get early warnings of clogging.
  • Remedies and maintenance methods in the field.


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