solid waste proforma modeling

June 26, 2017

Marc J. Rogoff, Ph.D. and Laurel C. Ureña, M.S., explain the major cost categories and how they impact a specific cost analysis for a recycling program. The format uses examples to put the financial information into context for a Public Works Director or Project Manager to understand how cost analysis can help in determining the feasibility of a new or enhanced program.

The economic concept of the time value of money is an important one to understand because it allows the recycling coordinator or analyst to compare the feasibility of different solid waste program alternatives. Driven by interest and inflation, it boils down to one simple rule: a dollar invested tomorrow is worth less than a dollar received today.

Read the full article as published in the Florida APWA Reporter, June 2017 edition.

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Posted by Diane Samuels at 6:03 am